The Emerald Empire is without guidance…

After the death of Emperor Toturi III, and the death of those in succession to him, including his widow, brothers, the Shogun, Emerald Champion, and Otomo Hoketuhime (a leading political contender to take the throne), the Great Clans of Rokugan vie for power to place one of their own upon the much coveted throne. All evidence leads the empire to beleive that the Dragon are responsible for the assasination of the Otomo lady, while the Unicorn look to their new Khan, Moto Chen for guidance to rebuild their shattered reputation after their failed attempt to seize the vacant Steel Throne.

Seppun Izo: Shugenga and Emerald Magistrate, givin the duty to unravel the mystery enshrouding Lady Otomo’s death.

Seppun Ienobu: A Yojimbo, dedicated to the life of his charge Seppun Izo and Emerald Magistrate in his own right. After his initial training as a Seppun Meharu, he studied among the greatest of guardians, the Shiba, so that one day he could lay his life down for his Emperor, and earn his place among the great Celestial Order.

Kuui no Gyokuza